Dark, Gothic, Demonic, Hi-Tech Themes for WindowBlinds (Version 5 and newer). Created basically for Windows XP, but might work correct with newer Windows versions. I've been designing these Visual Styles in 2004-2008, and no longer update this category.

MB AesTeK Visual Style


Part of the Dark Desktop Set MB-AesTeK. Mix of Gothic Style and Hi-Tech Glass. My first Set. Available WindowBlinds Visual Style, CursorFX, IconPackager and ObjectDock Themes. Looks very soft and may be used with any other theme. More Screenshots:
Progress Bars and Tabs
My Computer Window
Start Panel List

MB BlackSeal Visual Style

MB-BlackSeal WBA

Part of my second Desktop Set MB-BlackSeal. Much Darker than previous, but looks still Gothic. Default version has a classic black Start Panel. In this set: WindowBlinds Theme, CursorFX Themes with two colors (golden and black) and ObjectDock Backgrounds and Tabs.

MB BlackSeal-Xtra Visual Style

MB-BlackSeal-Xtra WBA

Extended Version of MB-BlackSeal-WB Dark Visual Style. This version includes Black Gothic Start Panel. You can try to use this theme with my old IconPackager Icon Set MB-BlackThrone or my newest MB-XIII Set.

MB Assassin Visual Style

MB-Assassin WBA

Third Visual Style MB-Assassin-WB. And again it's darker that previous Theme. Black glossy style with red shining. The Theme was requested long time ago, even before I did the Black Seal, but finalized just now. Version 1.1 has fixed blackout problem on 'save' dialog window. WB was created after MB-Assassin CursorFX.