Themes: Dark Music, Artists, Bands, Black Metal, Death Metal. Wallpaper Resolution: 1152*864 (old) and 1600*1200, Jpeg.

Mainly just requested Wallpapers. You may use all these Wallpapers as you wish, most of the wallpapers have been made using promo/press photos.

*** If u've found here your photos, that were used while making Wallpapers without your permission, please contact me immediately and i'll delete that Wallpaper, or put your link here. People sending me photos from time to time and i cannot check them all, where they were taken.

Wallpapers created using Promo/Press Photos are marked with [Promo] (you can find them all on official band-sites or label-sites). Wallpapers marked with [?] were created from photos that have come from other users, but i'm not sure about the photo sources.

Please visit the Photographers' Pages to see more band photos: [Dimmu Borgir, Shagrath Photos](*1)
Spinefarm Rec. Promo Photos Gallery.
Regain Rec. Promo Photos Gallery.