My friends call me 'Mods'. Prefix 'Mod-' stuck to me because I like to modify, customize everything. I've attached BlackMoon because Moon is the black soul of night, i enjoy silence and stillness of the night. The Moon is near the Earth, but still far away, like me - I live with other people, but i'm not with them - a lone wolf.

Design Job, Style

I've always been looking for something special - dark, mystic, melancholic, even before I've got into subcultures. So i've decided to do my own thing, that connects my passion for music with drawing as my job.

I'm into graphic arts since 2004, after i quit working with hardware in my youth. Earlier years I used to work with german, swedish, british and american studios to get expericence and reliable name, not all of them were about dark design, some jobs were fashion and entertainment related. Nowdays i fly solo, to have more freedom. I manually draw lettering art like name tattoos, band or artist logos, personal emblems and monograms.

I want to make artworks more interesting, not like soulless 'neutral style' corporate designs. I prefer more artistic, atmospheric styles. I like giving soul to my lettering art, making it speak. That's why i keep my work as an underground project, without growing into studio.

Growing Up

I was born in Eastern Europe a little over 30 years ago and was growing up in the beginning of 90s. It was very tough time for somebody with free spirit and open mind. People bullied everybody who was thinking different, who dressed different, and who had balls to say NO when everyone else said yes. They persecuted everything they didn't understand. So that's one of the reasons why i don't work in Belarus, i was hurt and disappointed. I found love and respect in Western countries. I hope someday people will stop hating and destroying everything their majority doesn't get. So simple: if you don't like it - just walk on by, why picking on or damage?!

I've started drawing when i was 6 years old. In my teenage years i gave up, because everyone around was telling me i wasn't good enough, it's not serious, i got to get a real office job. So after about five years i got back to drawing and never ever let anyone to stop me anymore.

Spare Time

Music is my passion, basically avantgarde and progressive Black Metal, Doom, Dark Ambient, Prog/Alternative Rock. The older i become the more genres i embrace. My favourite bands are Anathema, Agrypnie, Paradise Lost, VAST, Nocte Obducta, Khold, Diary of Dreams, Behemoth, Nyktalgia, Satyricon, Desiderii Marginis, Hypnogaja, Black Lab, Anorexia Nervosa, Nortt, Antimatter. Music and Art it's my lifestyle, the blood in my veins, the air i breathe.

Whenever i have free time i also enjoy fitness, tattoo, RPG games like Skyrim, doing yoga, running. Overall i prefer healthy and fit lifestyle, no alcohol, no junk food, no religion, no TV :)

I spend time with my close friends, but I get annoyed when I have to meet people too often. I need my space to chill and recharge. I guess, the thing that keeps my friends with me is that there's no mask, u can learn me right away, what you see is what you get, but that straightforwardness makes me rough.

My Views on Society

In general i'm happy and positive person. Only thing that bothers me is that people always have to fight the society to stay independent. Trying to get away from society, but it finds you everywhere and tries to bend you, to use, to benefit from you. The main traits of modern society are greed, envy, thirst for gains and hypocrisy. I think it's because most people want to show how important they are, even if they are double zeros who did nothing in their lives. I don't like those who want to blend in with masses and have no opinion because it's easier to live that way.

My Views on Religion

I'm an atheist. Religion makes people weak, forbids normal things, forces to use blind faith instead of logic and science. It kills personality and passion. It turns people into slaves serving for no one and for nothing. I want to live my own life the way I want it. It doesn't mean that I hate all the christians and muslims, i'm cool with those who can explain at least to themselves, why they have chosen this way (if not because it has been chosen in their family hundreds years ago). We all got our hobbies:)

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