My friends used to call me 'Mods'. Prefix 'Mod-' stuck to me because I like to modify, customize everything. The other bit is because the Moon is the black soul of night, i enjoy silence and stillness of the night. The Moon is near the Earth, but still far away - i can relate to that.

Design Job, Style

I've always been looking for something special - dark, mystic, melancholic, even before I've got into art and subcultures. So i've decided to do my own thing, that connects my passion for music with drawing as my job.

I'm into graphic arts since 2004, after i quit working with PC hardware in my youth. Earlier years I used to work with german, swedish, british and american studios to get expericence and reliable name, very few of them were about dark design, most jobs were fashion and entertainment related. Though i don't regret doing it because it gave me the experience i needed. Nowdays i prefer to have more freedom rather than being tied up with contracts. I manually draw lettering art like name tattoos, band or artist logos, personal emblems and monograms.

I want to make artworks more interesting, not like soulless "neutral style" corporate designs. I prefer more artistic, atmospheric designs. I like giving soul to my lettering art, making it speak, tell a story maybe.

Growing Up

I was born in Eastern Europe in the 80s. It was very tough time for somebody with free spirit and open mind. Everyone who was thinking different, dressed different, they got bullied both mentally and physically. That's one of the reasons why i didn't ever work there and decided to be a nomad. I found love and respect in other parts of the world. I hope someday people everywhere will stop hating everything they don't understand. It is so simple: if you don't like apples - don't eat apples, no need to burn the whole apple grove.

I've started drawing when i was 6 years old. In my teenage years i gave up, because everyone around was telling me that it's not serious, it can't be a job, that i got to get a real office job, get married and shit. So after about five years i got back to drawing and never ever let anyone to stop me anymore.

Spare Time

Music is my passion, basically avantgarde and progressive Black Metal, Doom, Dark Ambient, Prog/Alternative Rock. The older i become the more genres i embrace, i catch myself listening to lots of Blues Rock and Darkjazz lately. My favourite bands are Anathema, Agrypnie, Paradise Lost, VAST, Nocte Obducta, Diary of Dreams, Behemoth, Satyricon, Desiderii Marginis, Hypnogaja, Black Lab, Anorexia Nervosa, Nortt, Antimatter, Godsmack, Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch. Music and Art is my lifestyle, the blood in my veins, the air i breathe.

In my free time i enjoy sport, tattoo, RPG games like Skyrim or Gothic series, yoga. I'm also a disciplined 5-10K runner. Overall i prefer healthy and fit lifestyle, no alcohol, no junk food, no religion, no TV, no people who suck life out of you :)

I spend time with my close friends, but I get annoyed when I have to meet people too often. I need my space to recharge. I guess, the thing that keeps my loved ones with me is that there's no mask, i mean what i say and i do what i said, what you see is what you get, but that straightforwardness makes me a bit harsh.

My Views on Society

I'm a happy and positive person, i never get depressed, never whine if things go wrong - i get up and fix it right away. Only thing annoys me is that we always have to fight "The Society" to be independent true selves. They try to bend you up to their liking, to use and manuipulate, to benefit from you. What you see in modern society is greed, envy, hypocrisy, brainwashing that are masked by calling it morality and traditions. Those who did nothing good with their lives just want everyone to be the same, so they wouldn't feel like losers compared to those who build happiness or career with their own hands. I feel like the majority just wants to blend in with the masses, having no opinion of their own because it's easier to live that way. No decision - no responsibility. I don't mind to be responsible for my own choices and deeds.

My Views on Religion

I'm an atheist. I grew up in religious family and never managed to see any logic and science behind it, so i did not share their views even when i was a baby. When i was little, I used to make fun of my parents when they skipped sunday shower for religious reasons, i used to say that their god seems to like stinky people. First obviously i was critisezed, but later after 10-15 years my family started questioning their blind faith and turned into atheists too. Shame it took them so long to start using logic and living a full happy life.

One cannot deny that a lot of evil deeds are being done by religious people who blindly convinced that they are doing the right thing. You don't hear about atheists who forbid others to enjoy a good meal, to dance at the party, to wear whatever they want, to buy whatever they want, to marry whoever they love, to get job that they like, to be beautiful. But there's plenty of people of different faiths who are okay to kill whole communities for wearing clothers that they don't approve or listening music they don't like, who throw their children on the street if they are not sharing their views. Religion turns people into slaves serving for nothing. But i dont tell anyone whether they should be faithful or not. We all got our hobbies, i just prefer the ones that don't hurt people around me.

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