I manually draw Logos and all kinds of Lettering Art since 2004 (running this website since January 2005). Mostly i work for artists, metal bands, private individuals. I also design metalhead and gothic personal name tattoos, since the workflow is the same for all hand-drawn titles. If you want to make a request - contact me on Facebook or by e-mail. Styles i work with: Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore, Heavy and Thrash Metal oldschool type designs, Deathcore and Metalcore, Gothic Metal, Doom Metal. I'm always up for drawing something different from the majority of band logos.

I provide high resolution files 6500px wide, 300dpi - perfect for professional prints or any production. Vector PSD, AI, EPS and raster PNG with transparent background, JPG images. Ask for PDF or TIFF files if you need. The job takes from 3 to 10 days to complete as i work with queued requests.

Pricelist for Requests

I also draw Logos for free as Promotional jobs. This way works for bands with over 600 likes on Facebook. In that case i could draw an emblem for you, and you will just spread a word on your page. I accept promotional request not much often.

Read how to make a correct request for Logo Design Job.
How to apply basic effects on Band Logo in Photoshop.

Manually drawn Black Metal Logotype Designs, from traditional "True" Black and Depressive to Raw, Pagan and Avantgarde. The style doesn't limit the visual appearence, so you can see some old school roots and branches with rough weathered edges and embedded illustration, as well as smooth more legible designs that lean towards toughened Heavy Metal.

If you'll take a look at modern Death Metal Logos you may notice that there is huge variety of styles. As a graphic designer i usually work with any style, it can be simple and legible but still brutal and tough, or it can be high detailed lettering connected with veins, roots, blood drips or have overall leaking style.

Metalcore Logo Design is usually based on simplified letter shapes with particles, splatter, chips or curved ornaments. Deathcore Logotype Designs are exaggerated, brutal and less legible. Both styles have rather modern look.

I've listed here all band emblems and logos that are perfectly readable, atmospheric, still very metal but don't fall into any precise genre.

Both styles is a blend of sharp long spikes, fairly legible lettering and smooth or slightly cracked edges. Often goes with High contrast outlines.

Logo Designs for music magazines, metal music related products, projects and websites - usually it's fully textured with alot of special effects. There are futuristic metal panels with gears and blades, neon wires and full-color illustrations like skulls or flames. Not what i do on a regular basis, but i've made some exceptions for my fellow musicians and publishers.