I don't provide web-design service on regular basis, but i might accept a request about just PSD design without writting markup. All these old projects were personal favours or exceptional cases. This gallery is just a showcase of works i've designed since 2005.

You may NOT use these previews for any purpose - the designs have their owners already.

Biohazard - Grunge Industrial PSD Web-Design (Not Sold Yet!)

Biohazard Web-Template, Dark industrial style
Biohazard Web-Design PSD
Created: April 2013

Dark Industrial, Sci-Fi web-template Design with grunge textures, steel pipes, sparkles, wires and lots of other advanced graphics. Includes styled news sidebar, article elements, gallery, login panel, social icons hanging on chains and horizontal main menu. Unique, all handmade PSD design. Contact me if you're interested.

Nautilus - Futuristic Bright web-Design

Nautilus Web-Design, Sci-fi futuristic Style
Nautilus Web-Design
Created: January 2013

Futuristic, Sci-Fi web-template design with glowing orb, wires and sparkles. Styled as space ship panel with left vertical menu.

Abel Manor - Ancient Book Style Website Design

Abel Manor Web-Design, Ancient Book Horror Style
Abel Manor Website
Created: January 2013

Designed for Luke and his Team of Abel Manor Haunted House Attraction. Animated gallery mouseovers, fading light animation of header. Markup has fixed width and height to make it feel more like real book.

MB The Black Altar - Satanic, Vampiric Web-Template Preview

Dark Red and Black Satanic Web-Template
The Black Altar Template
Created: September 2012 (Shown form January 2013)

Dark red, infernal HTML+CSS3 web-design with satanic fire chalices, gothic, vampiric black ornaments and sigils. Menu and gallery with animated mouseovers. Fully editable within HTML. Sold, for Preview only!

MB The Apocalyptic Theme - Grunge, Industrial Web-Design

MB Apocalyptic Theme Web-Template
The Apocalyptic Theme Template
Created: January 2013

Dark, industrial web-design with post-apocalyptic atmosphere and grunge dirty look. Bright acid biohazard icon on the dark rusted plate, burnt fans, smoke and embedded leaking fonts.

MB Web-Device - Tablet Gadget Style Web-Design

MB Web Device Web-Template in iPad, Tablet Hi-Tech Style
Web-Device Template
Created: November 2012

Dark Hi-Tech futuristic web-design. The interface looks like Tablet laying on the table with stylus,wires and highlighted buttons.

MB House of Evil - Halloween, Demonic Web-Design [Not Sold Yet!]

MB House of Evil - Halloween, Dark Gothic, Demonic Web-Tempalte for Sale

Dark grunge, demonic web-template with some gothic or dark fantasy atmosphere. SEO friendly, HTML+CSS. Fully editable text, transperent image descriptions on mouseover. Date: August 2012. Designed just for fun, contact me if you're interested.

MB Game Portal Design

MB Game Portal Site Design Hi-Tech

The whole thing was made for my good friend by special request. Hi-Tech dark blue Game Portal web-site Template with vertical button navigation and horizontal text navigation, Sidebars with futuristic elements and wires. Logo design is mine as well. Header Characters: Batman, Assassin's Creed, Half-Life. Date: March 2010.