The majority of Web-Designs i've done falls into Dark Fantasy genre with all the demonic panels and Gothic structures behind sidebars and inside headers. Classic Fantasy buttons with cracked stones or crystals effect and overall very atmospheric and detailed feel. Mostly made for Gaming Portals, Metal Magazines, Artists. Definitely not trendy minimalist designs. The other half would be Steampunk with all the gears and cogs, Dark Grunge and Industrial Web-Designs with Post-Apocalyptic atmosphere, dark noisy textures and lots of elements like wires, mechanisms. I did quite a few Futuristic designs, sort of Spaceship panels with displays - those were designed for Game and App developers.

All those old projects were personal favours or exceptional cases, i've never really focused on web-design. This gallery is just a showcase of works i've designed from 2005 to 2012. You may NOT use these previews for any purpose - the designs have their owners already.

I don't provide web-design service on regular basis as i'm focused on lettering arts, but i might accept a request about just the ".PSD" Graphics design without writting the html+css markup for it.