ModBlackmoon | Available Extreme Metal Band Album Artworks, CD Cover Design for Sale

Selection of pre-made Metal Band Album Artworks available for purchase, as well as album covers i've made by request. Basically mixed media art like 3d, photomanipulation, matte-painting put together.

Average size of original Lossless PNG image files is 6800px wide, 300dpi for prints (for Artworks from 2015 and newer). Some very old ones from 2005-2009 are only 2400px wide, back then it was considered large:). Copying materials from this page for any public or commercial use is forbidden.

Availability: Artworks with dark Red border are either SOLD or made by request and have their rightful owners, those are for preview purposes only. Designs with Grey borders around them are available for purchase. I do not set any specific price for Artworks because i create them as a hobby in my spare time. Just make your offer.

I prefer designing dark moody Landscapes, Ancient Ruins and gothic or forgotten Citiy Scenes, Demons and Zombies, a mix of Gothic Fantasy and Horror styles, dark abstract Artworks. I'm no big fan of guts and gore art though, so i would be a bad choice for that style.

Designs for OZ Hooligan Streetwear Brand

Some vector graphic artworks from the set of T-Shirt prints for Australlian clothing brand i did back in 2016. Mostly it's about Aussie heroes, famous local Characters, freedom fighters and patriots.