Here you can download some Dark, Gothic and Futuristic Icons for your Desktop or any Dock software (like ObjectDock or RocketDock), full Icon sets for IconPackager and some standalone Icons for Web Design.

License | Terms of Use: Freeware for personal and commercial use. I took off all the restrictions from my creative freebies.

You can download lots of free transparent PNG stock icons for commercial use in Stock Icons category.

MB Mail Envelope Fantasy Icon

Mail Envelope Fanrasy icon PNG ICO, antique, old, red ribbon, elvish letter

Many years ago i've designed Artist's Workbook fantasy icons, but later i've decided to add one more icon to it. It's fantasy brown mail envelope icon with letter and red ribbon around it. PNG 256px, ICO 256px to 32px. Created: 2014

MB Phone / Media Device Icon

MB Phone, Media Device, Handy icon PNG ICO 3D

Universal smartphone or any multimedia device Icon under 3 different angles. Designed as military, futuristic looking device. Looks well as phone browser icon:). Small sizes have been sharpened manually. PNG 256x256 px, ICO 256x256 to 32x32 px. Created: August 2011

MB Foobar2000 3D Icon

MB Foobar 2000 icon PNG ICO 3D

I've been looking for some software icons and found out that there's no foobar2000 player icon which i would like to use on my desktop. So i designed pretty simple and nice 3D icon with traditional alien and headphones. 3 icons included. PNG 256x256 px, ICO 256x256 to 32x32 px. Created: August 2011

MB Artist's Workbook - Fantasy Icons

MB-Artist's Workbook Grunge PNG Icons

Medieval, fantasy style PNG Dock icons in Grunge style: Ancient book with feather and bookmark, RSS feeds, Archive, Paper note with feather, Projects tablet, payment logs with golden coins. Includes: 6 PNG Icons 256x256px. Created: June 2011

MB Program Icons (Dreamweaver, Regedit, Poser)

Program Icons for Desktop and Object Dock ICO PNG 256

Desktop and Dock icons for various Programs: Registry Manager, Mobile Phone Manager, Dreamweaver, 3D Studio Max, Keyboard Hotkeys, Download Master, Notepad, Daum PotPlayer, TuneUp, Poser etc. Includes: PNG 256x256px, ICO 256x256 to 32x32. Created: February 2011

MB Adobe Creative Suite Icons

MB Adobe Creative Suite Custom Dock Icons ICO PNG CS5 CS5 CC

Alternative desktop and dock icons for Adobe Creative Suite. I've tried to keep the original style. The new set looks more futuristic and interesting. 10 Icons total: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, Lightroom, AfterEffect, FlashBuilder, Flash Pro, Premiere, Bridge, Fireworks (Updated in March 2012). Includes: PNG 256x256px, ICO 256x256 to 32x32. Created: February 2011

MB Greylight v1.1. IconPackager Theme

MB Greylight IconPackager Theme

Grey desktop icon pack: 125 Icons for Windows. Size: 256x256, 128x128, 96x96, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32. Manually rescaled for better quality. Includes hdd, disc drive, image types, all audio, video files icons, most part of document types and system icons. | MB-Greylight Page Created: November 2010

MB eNeon Icons

MB eNeon Program Icons

38 simple glossy plastic icons with neon. Size: 256x256 to 32x32. Program and universal icons: Adobe CS5, uTorrent, 3D Studio Max, Foobar, Opera, e-mail, Music, Videos, RSS, Games, Daemon Tools, Books, Search, Statistics, News, Downloader, Messenger. Originally designed for Web, but i've added more icons to make it more useful as desktop set. Created: August 2010

MB BlackDesk I Icons

MB Black Desk Program Icons

19 icons (.ICO) in dark style. Size: 256x256, 128x128, 96x96, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32. Every icon-size has different shadow and sharpened manually. Incl.: Photoshop, ImageReady, 3D Studio Max, Acrobat, Daemon Tools, Dreamweaver, MSN Messenger, Miranda, Exact Audio Copy, Easy CDDA Extractor, FlashGet, Opera, Foobar, Audio Collection, Maxthon, FontExpert, Printer's Apprentice and uTorrent. Created: July 2010


MB XIII IconPackager Gothic Icons

I'm back from my black cellar with third Icon Set. Back to aesthetics and Gothic. You may read XIII as X3 - 3 years at WinCustomize, or as 13 - my lucky number. All icons scaled manually, small icons sharpened. Small and large icons have different shadows. Icon Size: 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32. Total: 111 Icons in IP. | MB-XIII Page Created: 17 July - 21 October 2009

MB AesTeK IP-Theme

MB AesTeK IconPackager Theme

100+ Icons for Windows. Icon Size: 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32. Third IP-Theme. I've tried to combine Aesthetic and Futuristic Style (actually, inspired by Siemens ADSL Modem Design). Mix of classic dark style icons and futuristic bright neon lights and shapes. Available WindowBlinds and ObjectDock Themes for MB-AesTeK Set. | MB AesTeK Page Created: April 2008

MB BlackThrone IP-Theme

MB Black Throne Dark Icon Packager Set

Second standalone Icon Set for IconPackager. Demonic but bright and a bit futuristic. Scroll down for MB-BlackThrone Folder Icons. Created: November 2007