Download free dark, demonic, futuristic and simple cursors designed by me from 2005 to 2009. Every theme comes with full animation. To use 'CurXPtheme' files you need Stardock CursorFX(XP). This gallery is no longer being updated. You may use these Cursors any way you want. There's no restrictions.

MB Phoenix / MB BlackSeal Cursors

MB-Phoenix MB-BlackSeal Cursor

Dark and Evil Cursor theme in two parts: golden MB-Phoenix, grey MB-BlackSeal. Created: April 2009

MB Crystal

MB-Crystal CursorFX

Silver-Mounted Glass Cursor Theme with shining animation. One of my first Cursors. Created: Summer 2005

MB Assassin

MB-Assassin Cursor

Dark gothic cursors with silver jewellery details. Sharp blades animation. 5 Colors of this evil Theme. Created: September 2008

MB Metal Religion

MB-MetalReligion Cursor

More advanced dark Steel Cursor Theme with Electric lights animation and shining. Hails Metal:) Created: May 2007

MB Eye of the Damned

MB-Eye of the Damned Cursors

Demonic Infernal Cursor Theme. Good detailed Black and grey chrome futuristic shape with bright red shiny elements. Created: October 2007

MB Classics

MB-Classics CursorFX Theme

Another simple cursor theme. Silver borders with bright silk cursor body. 6 Colors: red, orange, green, purple, blue and aqua. Created: August 2007

MB Black Dragon

MB-BlackDragon Cursor

Black Demonic Cursors with colored eye-shape. 3 Colors of this Set: Red, Green, Blue. Drop Shadow must be ON in CursorFX. Created: 2006

MB BloodRayne

MB-BloodRayne Vampiric Cursors

Bloody red, bright cursor theme. Nice old vampiric set with pulsatory animation. Inspired by BloodRayne 2 game. Created: 2005

MB Acid Condition

MB-AcidCondition CursorFX

The First steps of my Design-Road. Very simple, not much detailed cursor, but looks very well at small size. Acid green color with chrome borders. Created: 2005

MB Steel King

MB-SteelKing CursorFX Metallic Cursor Theme

Low detailed steel cursor with shining animation. Created: 2006

MB Aesthetics

MB-Aesthetics CursorXP

Cursor Theme for MB-Aesthetics 2 Icon Set. Silver cursors with bright neon elements. 5 Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Purple. Created: 2006

MB Acid Condition: 5 Colors

MB-AcidCondition Colors

Five additional requested colors for MB-AcidCondition CursorFX Theme. Created: 2005