First of all you've got to give me some description of the style you want to see in your logo, coz I can't read your mind. Would be great if you'll provide few image examples of somehow similar designs to make sure that i get it. Here are some hints for you to start from:

You can also send me some of your favourite logo designs, so i could imagine your design better. That's everything i need to start drawing.

Sometimes big projects take a lot of time to complete, coz i'll keep you updated about the shape changes, so u'll be able to make any revisions. I spend this time coz i respect your projects, but you should respect my time and let me know about the changes in time, before i'll have to redraw a half of the design.

A small note about Metal Logo design: Remember, I draw the logos manually, they are hand-drawn and i can't change the name when the shape is done. So, if you have a young band, be sure that you have the final bandname - coz you can't say "leave the style but type another words" - i can't type the new title in hand-drawing and i'm not gonna draw it again (you'll have to pay for a second logo in that case).