ModBlackmoon | How to request a logo design for a Metal Band or Artist.

The way you describe your perfect logo is gonna affect on how close the final result will be to the picture you had in mind. Also for Bands it's important to agree on one specific style that everybody feels good about. It's nearly impossible to deliver the design that will satisfy, say bass player who prefers Darkthrone style, and Drumer who digs simplistic Heavy Metal designs like Megadeth or geometric Iron Maiden style.

So, once you've figured out what you want for your logo, you can send me the description of the layout and shape, edge style, lettering style, if you would like any object to be embedded into the letters or to be placed behind or above the name. One or two image samples of somehow similar designs would be helpful too, just to make sure that i get the description right.

Here i'm gonna leave you some hints to start from. It may differ for each style, but you'll get the point. Check out:

Final Files

I provide both vector and raster filetypes for any kind of production. All the final files are uploaded or sent by email packed into ZIP archive (you can unpack it with your built in file archiver or using 7zip, WinRAR, WinZIP). Here's what you will get:
PSD (Photoshop), AI (Illustrator), EPS (Corel & Illustrator), TIFF (Universal) - are vector files for any prints and production.
PNG - high resolution raster files with transparent background (works with any image editor). 6500px wide, 300dpi.
JPG - simple raster flat image with merged logo and background. 6500px wide, 300dpi.

Remember, I draw the logos manually and i cannot change the name when the shape is done. Just like you do that with a pen and a paper. So if you have a young band, be sure that you have the final band name - because you can't just ask "Keep the style, but type different name" - i cannot type the new title in hand-drawing, and i'm not gonna draw a second new design for free (you'll have to make a second logo request in that case).